Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tidy & Clean

I spent a very happy Sunday clearing out my craft room. I want to spring clean all the rooms in the house but started here, I wonder why eh! I got rid of loads of rubbish and really gave it a good old clean, I was ashamed at how dirty it was. It now feels brighter and i'm more inspired to create too. I'm on a roll with the spring cleaning but am limited with what i can do with only one arm, you would be amazed what you can manage when you really want to do something though.

Maybe I shouldn't have started in here as I now want to play instead of clean, maybe a bit of both is good. The photos are starting at the right hand side of our spare bedroom, the pink draws came from a school that closed down and they were getting rid of them! I store all my rubber stamps and sizzix in them. My lovely husband put up kitchen work tops all around two walls so I can share with friends too:-)I tend to sit by the window but there is room on the other side for someone else. The boxes of draws are all Ikea but covered with PP and different alphas on them to remind me of the contents. The shelves above are also Ikea and I keep all my jars on them, filled with flowers, alphas and bits and bobs. Not as tidy as it would be if they were all in cupboards but I find I use the stash more if I can see it. The last photo is back by the left side of the door with my pc and cricut ready to roll. I feel lucky to have this room as it does mean I can start a project and leave it untouched till I can get back to it.

Just thought if you're anything like me you may like a nose:)
Now do I clean some more or play? eh not sure!