Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Good grief where has the last week gone? I can't believe a whole week has gone since I last blogged! You would think that being off work I'd feel I have loads of time but it still whizzes by.I've spend a lot of the time cleaning, yes mad I know but it stops me going stir crazy. I've been off 6 weeks now with my shoulder and not due to go back till the second week in March, so a while yet. I've cleaned everything I can get my hands on, all the paint work etc so the house is cleaner than it's ever been. The down side is that because I can only use my left arm, I'm going to have a strong muscle bound right arm and a poor weak left

The weather is blooming mad here today, snowing really hard one moment then bright sunshine, wish it would make it's mind up! NO MORE SNOW PLEASE.

I made a valentines card for my lovely hubby today too so not all cleaning, helped along with a little Boyzone:)