Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pink Gem Candy

This may be tricky for me, adding a link in as I am a bit blonde but Love these stamps so much I must have a go.
Pink Gem are offering Blog Candy on their site I hope this link works. I had a few stamps from them over Christmas and they are really lovely so enter and good luck

Operation went ahead

Well, after waiting around all day on Thursday my operation finally went ahead. I got to the hospital at 11am and was asked to put my gown on at 4pm!! I was beginning to think they may run out of time and cancel but thank goodness it did happen. I was put out for around an hour and half and the used key hole surgery on my shoulder. It turns out my shoulder was frozen and the surgeon had the cut the capsules surounding my shoulder joint to allow me move movement. i've already had physio and it's b****y painful but at least it's been done, which has to be a good thing. I have loads of exercises to do which I must keep up with and will be off work for some weeks yet but I guess it's all positive from now. No photos to share today but hope to make some more cards next week as it's my left arm in a sling so hope I can work one handed!

I'm off to look at my settings again as it looks like people still can't leave comments:(