Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Well just a quick post showing a birthday card I made this afternoon, I made three in fact but they are very similar so just sharing one. I used prisma colouring pens on the lovely stamp from Pink Gems, love their stamps and so cheap & loads of sickles! I may not be able to blog for a couple of days due to my operation so added this in as an extra today.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies on UKS for your help setting this blog up.

Well we woke up to lots of snow today. Schools are mostly shut so everyone is enjoying a snow day:) it looks soooo pretty but such a pain to get about in! I also have a food shop due and no sign of it yet so who knows if it will arrie or not?

I'm due to have a Rotarcuff repair on my shoulder tomorrow and so I'm keeping everything crossed that it's not cancelled due to the weather. I've been waiting over a year now so really want it to happen. I've been quite run down over Christmas and have stayed inside to get well enough for the operation so will be fed up if it gets cancelled.

I plan to make some cards today so hope to share those later but untill then I hope you all enjoy the snow:)