Friday, 12 February 2010

Good Day Today

This was the start of my day, finding one of my mad cats asleep on my craft desk, using my ATG gun as a pillow. Sorry not a good photo as I had to be quick (the black furry boy doesn't like cameras)just too sweet not to share.
My daughter then rang to say she has passed her driving theory test, YAY.
An hour later my Son rang from Uni to say he had his first exam results and got a first in both! Only his first year but soooo very pleased for him. He's loving it in Exeter but it's around four and half hours from us so always lovely to chat to him and even more so with such great news.

We are going to see him next weekend and taking hin to Salcombe for the weekend so can't wait for that. Also my shoulder seems to have taken a good step towards feeling stronger and pain is less.

It's our aim to finish decorating his bedroom this weekend too, we went for a green feature wall, not red. Will shre pics once it's done.

All in all a good day so far:)


Becky said...

Love your cat! Mine are a bit like that too! My son is at uni in Plymouth - a 6 hour trip to go and see him :( but lucky this year as it is his 3rd year and he has an industry placement and is back home for the year - off again in September though. Congrats for your daughter passing her theory and your son for his exam results - nice to hear good news :)

Alana said...

What lovely news for you today, hope the rest of your day was just as nice.

tea_bag said...

So glad you have had a good day my day has also been filled with good news alma x

Sandra said...

Yeah :) ... such great news.

I have to say, I think a cat makes a craft room even more special