Friday 26 February 2010

Happy days

Well yet again I've left it far too long between blogs! Even though I'm still off work with my shoulder the time seems to just fly. The main news this week is that we went to visit my Son at Exeter Uni and then picked him and his new girl friend up and went on to Salcombe. My brother, SIL and offspring came too and we had such a FANTASTIC time. We are very lucky as my other SIL owns a beautiful holiday home in Salcombe and she lets us use it more or less when we like and it's sooooo lovely. It can sleep up to 14 peeps so plenty of room to play:)

The weather was really kind to us and so we were able to spend the day on the beach on the Saturday. A great game of cricket took up quite a lot of time as well as frisby and those brave enough went surfing (not me!) we went for a lovely walk high up on the cliff edge with fabby views. It's amazing how much better a little sunshine made us all feel, even though it was a bit chilly.

It was such fun spending quality time, all of us together. Can you tell we had fun? lol. No scrapping done this week but I have sorted and scaned photo's of my daughter ready to produce an album for her 18th birthday(not till August so loads of time)
I'm going to a crop next week so I wanted to go organized for a hange and have the photos ready so hope they arrive back in time!

Have a happy weekend everyone:)

Friday 12 February 2010

Good Day Today

This was the start of my day, finding one of my mad cats asleep on my craft desk, using my ATG gun as a pillow. Sorry not a good photo as I had to be quick (the black furry boy doesn't like cameras)just too sweet not to share.
My daughter then rang to say she has passed her driving theory test, YAY.
An hour later my Son rang from Uni to say he had his first exam results and got a first in both! Only his first year but soooo very pleased for him. He's loving it in Exeter but it's around four and half hours from us so always lovely to chat to him and even more so with such great news.

We are going to see him next weekend and taking hin to Salcombe for the weekend so can't wait for that. Also my shoulder seems to have taken a good step towards feeling stronger and pain is less.

It's our aim to finish decorating his bedroom this weekend too, we went for a green feature wall, not red. Will shre pics once it's done.

All in all a good day so far:)

Wednesday 10 February 2010


Good grief where has the last week gone? I can't believe a whole week has gone since I last blogged! You would think that being off work I'd feel I have loads of time but it still whizzes by.I've spend a lot of the time cleaning, yes mad I know but it stops me going stir crazy. I've been off 6 weeks now with my shoulder and not due to go back till the second week in March, so a while yet. I've cleaned everything I can get my hands on, all the paint work etc so the house is cleaner than it's ever been. The down side is that because I can only use my left arm, I'm going to have a strong muscle bound right arm and a poor weak left

The weather is blooming mad here today, snowing really hard one moment then bright sunshine, wish it would make it's mind up! NO MORE SNOW PLEASE.

I made a valentines card for my lovely hubby today too so not all cleaning, helped along with a little Boyzone:)

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Tidy & Clean

I spent a very happy Sunday clearing out my craft room. I want to spring clean all the rooms in the house but started here, I wonder why eh! I got rid of loads of rubbish and really gave it a good old clean, I was ashamed at how dirty it was. It now feels brighter and i'm more inspired to create too. I'm on a roll with the spring cleaning but am limited with what i can do with only one arm, you would be amazed what you can manage when you really want to do something though.

Maybe I shouldn't have started in here as I now want to play instead of clean, maybe a bit of both is good. The photos are starting at the right hand side of our spare bedroom, the pink draws came from a school that closed down and they were getting rid of them! I store all my rubber stamps and sizzix in them. My lovely husband put up kitchen work tops all around two walls so I can share with friends too:-)I tend to sit by the window but there is room on the other side for someone else. The boxes of draws are all Ikea but covered with PP and different alphas on them to remind me of the contents. The shelves above are also Ikea and I keep all my jars on them, filled with flowers, alphas and bits and bobs. Not as tidy as it would be if they were all in cupboards but I find I use the stash more if I can see it. The last photo is back by the left side of the door with my pc and cricut ready to roll. I feel lucky to have this room as it does mean I can start a project and leave it untouched till I can get back to it.

Just thought if you're anything like me you may like a nose:)
Now do I clean some more or play? eh not sure!

Friday 29 January 2010

Cards Today

First of all, thanks for all the comments about the bedroom. After all that,I feel the red is going to be too dark even on one wall so going for green instead.The room doesn't get any sun so I think it needs a more zingy colour. My Son said he's happy for me to decide (mad fool) I'll post again once it's painted.

My shoulder is starting to feel something towards normal again now so i'm trying to do more. The Physio is helping, even though it's painful so things are looking up. I'm going to make the most of being at home now as full time work will soon kick back in!I could get used to being at home more and going back to work is going to be hard.

I've made a couple of cards today, very different to each other. The red one is for my SIL birthday this weekend so i hope she likes it. It's good to be crafting again and having lots of time to do it in too, maybe having an operation wasn't all bad after all :)

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Colour or White?

Gosh, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last blogged, someone is deffo stealing the days from me!
We decided to decorate our Sons (19 years old) bedroom for him while he is away at uni. It's not a very big room and he had all the walls white before, with black curtains, bedding & bits & bobs.
Now do we just paint it all white again as he liked it that way, or are we brave and put some colour in there? I have put a match pot of deep red on one wall to see what it looks like but still can't decide. It looks bright red in the photo but it's more of a deep, claret red in real life. HELP I just don't know if it will close the room in too much as it's not a very light room. What do you recon ladies? I'm more temped to leave it all white at the moment as that's safer, but is safer better?If we add the colour, which wall do we put it on? Be great to hear what you lot think?
I think i'm getting worse at making decisions the older I get, I used to just bowl in and do stuff but not any more:(

No crafting done this week but maybe tomorrow:)

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Slimming & Completed

Well first of all I've been very brave and returned to Slimming World after an 8 week, gap due to ill health and operation. I was sooooo scared and nearly didn't go as I knew I'd put loads of the 21Llbs back on, that I'd already lost. NOT SO, I'd gained 4Llbs which I was thrilled about as thought it would be at least 14Llbs!!!! What a releif to get that out of the way and get back on the right road, even if it is a pain. Mad eh? to be so pleased about putting 4Llbs on lol.

I've also completed an 8x8 DCWV, All Dressed Up Album and Papers that's been hanging around for................ well, months now. I've cheated really as the photos are all 8x6 so not much room to scrap, although i'm really pleased with it. It looks very different to my other albums but that is a good thing, right? I love finishing a project, feels great:)