Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Slimming & Completed

Well first of all I've been very brave and returned to Slimming World after an 8 week, gap due to ill health and operation. I was sooooo scared and nearly didn't go as I knew I'd put loads of the 21Llbs back on, that I'd already lost. NOT SO, I'd gained 4Llbs which I was thrilled about as thought it would be at least 14Llbs!!!! What a releif to get that out of the way and get back on the right road, even if it is a pain. Mad eh? to be so pleased about putting 4Llbs on lol.

I've also completed an 8x8 DCWV, All Dressed Up Album and Papers that's been hanging around for................ well, months now. I've cheated really as the photos are all 8x6 so not much room to scrap, although i'm really pleased with it. It looks very different to my other albums but that is a good thing, right? I love finishing a project, feels great:)